Bane is the evil and malicious deity of fear, hatred and tyranny.

Bane was once a mortal human. Little is known about the Black Hand’s past, not even precisely when it was he lived.
As a mortal, Bane forged an alliance with two other mortal beings: Bhaal and Myrkul. Together, the three forged a pact of mutual aid and ambition: together they would conquer not just the world, but the heavens, becoming gods unto themselves. They targeted specifically the powerful god of death, Jergal, who was among the most powerful of Toril’s deities at the time.

When the time came to confront Jergal, the god of death tricked the Dead Three into turning on one another, each desiring the others’ power. Jergal then intervened and proposed to divide up his portfolio for them, based upon a game of knucklebones, which Bane promptly won. Bane claimed for his prize governance over the sphere of strife, believing he would be able to rule over all of Toril in this way. As it turned out, however, Bane would not only have to contend with Bhaal and Myrkul, who became powerful gods in of themselves, but with the rest of the divine, who would become his most hated foes.

The Death and Resurrection of Bane

On Eleasis 13th 1358 DR, The Year of Shadows, during the Time of Trouble, Bane and Torm fought to the death of both outside Tantras.
Bane’s portfolio split between the mad god Cyric and Iyachtu Xvim – the son of Bane. However, on Midwinter of 1372 DR, the Year of Wild Magic, Bane tore from within the flesh of his son, retaking his position and regaining his portfolio.



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