Bhaal was the Faerûnian god of murder and violence.


The clergy of Bhaal in Faerûn were known as Bhaalists.
Though there are rarely big temples to Bhaal, is he often worshipped in private or in small congregations.
Clerics of Bhaal are expected to perform at least one murder every tenday, in the darkest moment in the dead of night.


Bhaal is famous for being one of the Dead Three – Bhaal, Bane and Myrkul, three mortal who ascended to godhood and later found their demise during the Time of Trouble.
Bane and Myrkul were eventually resurrected, but Bhaal remains dead.

Before his demise, he impregnated many mortal women of all races, giving birth to the Bhaalspawn – mortals with a spark of his divine power.



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