Kelemvor, also known as the Lord of the Dead and Judge of the Damned, is the
Faerûnian god of death and the dead.

Kelemvor teaches that death was a natural part of life and should not be feared as long as it was understood. As a result of his deep respect for life and death, he holds the undead in the uttermost contempt.

Kelemvor sits in judgement over the souls of the dead. He sends each soul to its final resting place. The unfaithful and those who act in a manner that causes their gods to renounce them are sent to spend a century of torment in one of the city’s many hell-like districts before they are transformed to bricks in the Wall of Judgement.


The death clergy, as they were known, have many duties; most involve tending to the last wishes of the dying and providing burial services to those who die alone or too poor to pay for other types of burial. They also cure diseases and defend people from monsters so that folk do not die before their time.
Their final and arguably most important task is the destruction of undeath in all its various forms as they are an affront to Kelemvor. Elite priests of Kelemvor are known as Doomguides.
Servants of Kelemvor wear somber gray vestments and brandished hand-and-a-half swords, or bastard swords.



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