Lathander the Morning Lord is the Faerûnian god of creativity, dawn, renewal, birth, athletics, spring, self-perfection, vitality, and youth. He is an aspect of Amaunator.

His faith is one of the most – if not the most – common in the realms. Every change or new path brings with it a prayer to Lathander – a new business agreement, the birth of a child, marriage, selection of new leaders, the start of a new book’s writing, all bring prayer in Lathander’s name.

He hates all undead with a passion and a sworn enemy of many evil deities, including Shar and Bane.
He is at odds with Helm for an old grievance, but they never reached open battle.


Common clerics of Lathander are called Dawnbringers, while the highest amongst the clergy are called Morninglords. Some local areas might have local titles as well. They respect art, liberty, nature, and culture.

Many cities use the church’s services for “dawn calls” – early morning wakeup calls across the streets of the city, to awaken people for the day.


The charge given to most novice postulants to the faith of Lathander is: "Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. Perfect thyself, and guard ever against pride, for it is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Be fertile in mind and body.



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