Mystra (pronounced “MISS-trah”), the Mother of all Magic, was a greater deity and the second incarnation of the goddess of magic after her predecessor Mystryl sacrificed herself to protect the Weave from Karsus’s Folly. The first Mystra was destroyed by Helm during the Time of Troubles. At the conclusion of the Godswar, the position of Goddess of Magic was transferred to a mortal high wizard and Mystra was reincarnated.

Mystra is a manifestation of the Cosmic Balance – maintaining order in the world of magic by correcting great inequalities if things went askew. In the wake of the Fall of Netheril, one of her first acts as the Lady of Spells was to ban the use of more powerful magics [In game terms, Mystra forbids the use of 10th level or higher spells]. Among sages and historians this was known as Mystra’s Ban. She is not as concerned with the ethics of Good versus Evil as long as the laws of magic were upheld.

Early in Mystra’s tenure, she chose a champion, called the Magister, to wander the Realms, applying the Art as he or she saw fit, choosing enemies that would bring glory to the title. She fully expected that her representative would be challenged and eventually defeated by other mages, only to be replaced by another spellcaster worthy of the office. It was her belief that in this way the Art would be strengthened and improved through conflict and adversity.

All manner of spellcasters are included in the hierarchy of Mystra’s church. Wizards who primarily followed Azuth or other deities would usually show some devotion to Mystra as well.

Calling down the moon (every full moon): This ritual provides no power but is a cleansing ritual done by those following Azuth and Mystra. It is also believed that protective magic (abjuration) is more potent during this time. This is not so much a holy day as a blessed time.

Ascension (Marpenoth 15th): This is the date of Mystra’s rebirth after the Time of Trouble.


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