Red Knight, the

The Red Knight, also known as the Lady of Strategy, is the Faerûnian deity of strategy and tactics and an exarch of Tempus.

She is worshipped by generals, tacticians, warriors and Paladins, and encourages her followers to use carful tactics and strategies in battle.

She is an ally of Torm and sees Tempus as a father figure.


Clerics of the Red Knight often join commanders in battle, suggesting strategies and tactics for wars and battles.


The Retreat
On Midwinter Day the Red Fellowship observe the Retreat. This solemn ceremony consists of an assembly wherein the clergy discussed the previous year’s campaigns. Strategies are discussed, battles analyzed, and the accumulated lore integrated into the church’s teachings.

The Queen’s Gambit
On the 1st of Tarsakh, the clergy of the Red Knight hold an annual festival called the Queen’s Gambit. During this day-long extravaganza, the Red Fellowship unwind with feasting and gaming. Day-long tournaments of chess (also known as lanceboard, hence the Red Knight’s second title, “Grandmaster of the Lanceboard”) are held, with the tournament victors receiving recognition, titles of merit, promotions, and occasionally a gift from the temple armory.


Red Knight, the

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