Known as The True and The Loyal Fury, Torm is the god duty, loyalty and righteousness.

It is believed Torm was once a mortal hero during the fall of Netheril who ascended to the status of Demigod and served the god Tyr. The alliance between Tyr, Torm and Ilmater is known as the Triad.

Torm gained considerable prestige during the time of trouble, when his avatar battled and completely destroyed the avatar of Bane outside Tantras on Eleasis 13, seemingly killing the god who had already been weakened by Mystra and her servant Elminster. Torm knew he did not have enough power to defeat Bane, so he chose to absorb the souls of his worshipers in Tantras knowing that they would be instantly killed. The transferring of souls was done voluntarily and took thousands of lives, but Torm chose to spare children aged 14 and below. These individuals became known as the Martyr’s Progeny.

Torm was resurrected after the Time of Trouble has ended, and rejoined the Triad.



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